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The Book of Tibetan Medicine - Second Edition

This is the launch page of the crowdfunder for the second edition of my book The Book of Tibetan Medicine that went into 11 languages.

If you click on the image above you will be brought to the INDIGOGO page where you will see an exclusive taste of what we are planning. Plus a 10% early bird discount.

As some of you will know the book has a forward by H.H. The 17th Karmapa and went into 11 languages.

At this stage all we need you to do is to sign up with your email for information about the project at the project page by clicking on the image above.

This will help us enormously as each email is given a positive tick/point by the INDIEGOGO system. Like a positive vote all of which will give us more prominence when we open the fund mid September.

So sign up with your email by clicking the book cover above and make sure you get notified when the crowdfunder goes live in September 2023.

Books will be shipped for Christmas gifts 2023.

Introduction to the Book

"The Book of Tibetan Medicine" is the most comprehensive guide to this ancient integrative healing system. This book provides a thorough overview of the origins and practices of Tibetan medicine and explains how it can contribute substantially to maintaining a healthy mind and body. You will learn how to balance your body, mind and spirit through natural techniques such as diet, behaviour, yoga, herbal cures and medicines derived from natural sources. With an in-depth look at contemporary ailments, such as stress and allergies, this highly accessible book brings the ancient discipline of Tibetan traditional medicine into the here and now, and shows you how you can use it to improve your wellbeing. ​Click the image of the book and sign up now with your email for an early bird discount.

How you can help?

To help is easy just sign up with your email will be the first help and way of supporting the project and making sure we get the funding.

In September the crowdfund will open and our aim is to raise 10,000 Euros to print the second edition which will also be lavishly illustrated.

For Buddhists - Karmic Merit

Not all of us are able to teach the Dharma directly. Therefore, the next best alternative is to support the publication of Dharma texts and other printed materials.

Sponsoring the printing of Dharma books has been a mainstay of Buddhist practice for millennia.

The benefits are vast — the immense merits collected from sponsoring Dharma publications is said to help increase lifespan, heal the body, reduce obstacles and problems, and create the necessary conditions to make a lasting positive change in life, both spiritually and secularly.

Publishing dharma books is one of the ten meritorious deeds in Buddhism

So sign up now by email and contribute to the project and generate merit for yourself and others.

Opens 14th Oct 2023 - Solar Eclipse

We have decided to open the crowdfunder on the 14th of Oct. This is the day of a solar eclipse. In Tibetan Astrology & Medicine it is understood as a day where all karmas are multiplied by thousands.

On solar eclipses it is one hundred million.

So if you purchase a copy of the book which will be in hardback this will cost 25 Euros.

Purchasing on this day the 14th of Oct 2023 for Buddhists will be a massive accumulation of karmic merit.

So sign up now to the prelaunch page by clicking on the book image above with your email to be notified when it opens on the 14th and make a note in your diary.

“The karmic results are multiplied by

one hundred million on solar eclipses"

Lama Zopa Rinpoche of FPMT

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