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Sacred Rituals by Rev. Noirin Ni Rian - Review

Many of you will know about this author from me as I played her version of the Irish Sean Nos song

Port na bPucai in every week 3 class to where we trained in a mindful emotional world.

Last week Rev. Noirin Ni Rian launched her new book Sacred Rituals. She is a renowned musicologist, theologian and is mostly known for her exquisite soprano voice one she sings as her own natural voice as well as being an expert in the old Irish singing tradition called Sean Nos.

Click on the book cover to purchase. The book is now available from all good book stores.

The human soul longs for connection. The deepest form of this is connection to a higher power.

In Sacred Rituals, renowned interfaith minister and spiritual singer Rev. Nóirín Ní Riain provides us with the tools and confidence to create meaningful rituals that connect us to our own Higher Source, offering us a sense of deep and lasting peace in our lives.

Drawing from the traditions which have fed her own heart - both Celtic and Christian - and with personal stories and guidance for creating spiritual space and practice, Sacred Rituals by Rev. Noirin Ni Rian is a valuable book for people of all faiths and none who are searching for deeper meaning in today's world.

The book Sacred Rituals by Rev Noirin Ni Rian has been published internationally so you can gift it also.

Rev. Noirin Ni Rian
Rev. Noirin Ni Rian

Pic: Don Moloney

The Dakini of Glenstal Abbey

Rev. Nóirín Ní Riain PhD is an Interfaith Minister (One Spirit Interfaith Seminary), an internationally acclaimed spiritual singer, theologian, writer, musicologist, and Celtic Spirituality expert. Rev. Ní Riain performs weddings, naming ceremonies, concerts, lectures, and gives workshops all over the world. She lives near Glenstal Abbey, County Limerick, Ireland.

She has released a number of music albums internationally.

Sacred Ritual - A Most Exquisite Book

A most exquisite book both in terms of poetic prose and beautiful language on a much-needed practice – connecting with the divine. For some this book will be very healing as they will be re-connecting and guided to a new felt personal autonomy of spiritual practice and perhaps peace, its fruit. This is a most welcome contribution to SQ or spiritual intelligence a global movement of people searching for awakening and deeper meaning and purpose in their lives.

Rev. Noirin Ni Rian who is really ‘The Dakini of Glenstal Abbey’ has written a wonderful guide to the divine that includes everyone in Sacred Rituals.

She encourages people to take up a daily spiritual practice something that is also encouraged in 140 medical schools in the USA as part of the ‘Spirituality & Medicine’ movement. So this is a beautiful gift for the healthcare professional of your life this Thanksgiving.

A Million Miles Away from Religion Inc.

The author shows us and returns to us our private spiritual practice which is a million miles away from ‘Religion Inc.’

There is tone of joy, love and above all hope that shines from each and every page of Sacred Rituals.

She even refers to the earth and its need for protection, an acknowledgment which certifies her authenticity, for me at least, as a true embodiment of Celtic Spirituality.

This is a testament to Rev. Norin Ni Rian’s wisdom, the jewels of her life, her spiritual wealth which she has very kindly chosen to share with the world.

An Anam Cara friend of mine, once said the wisdom of the hermitage has to return to

the village.

This is what is happening here in this book the testimony based on years of contemplation from a musical mystic who has ‘bloomed’ into interfaith ministry who posses deep spiritual insight.

When you read this book may you find your spiritual path as a result may that path rise with you.

Here is the Port na bPucai song to remind you of week 3 of the Learning to Exhale course.

These are some of the lyrics in Irish

Is bean ón slua sí mé

Do tháinig thar toinn

Is do goideadh san oíche mé

Tamall thar lear

Is go bhfuilim as riocht so

Fé gheasa mná sí

Is ní bheidh ar an saol so

Go nglaofaidh an coileach

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