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Passport for Caio Benicio - Dublin Stabbing Hero

Caio Benicio is the Deliveroo driver who intervened courageously to stop a knife wielding attacker who was trying to stab and murder four year old kids leaving a school in central Dublin.

Benicio said he intervened without thinking for his own saftey as knife injuries, we know well, are possibly fatal. We just need to take a glance to London to see how dangerous this type of an attack is.

Had he not courageously intervened with his helmet many more Irish children could have been injured.

The teacher who was bravely using her body to protect the children could have been killed if he had not intervened. She should also be awarded a national medal for courgae too.

Reports say she and a female child are in a critical condition.

If Caio Benicio does not already have an Irish passport the Irish government needs to award him one. This is in addition to a gold medal for bravery in the National Awards held next year.

A passport awarded to exceptionally brave people by a European state is not unheard of.

President Macron awarded French citizenship, passport and a job to a refugee from Mali who scaled a building to save an infant. With just his hands and no safety cable.

This is what Ireland needs to do and the Irish President now needs to meet Caio Benicio to tell him he will now be awarded Irish citizenship and passport for his bravery.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin and Dublin city council needs to award him the Freedom of the City.

Buy A Pint for Caio Benicio - Now @ 200K GoFundMe

This is a wonderful Irish tradition and perhaps with the funds Caio Benicio can set up a restaurant for Brazilian food in County Dublin somewhere.

He has spoken of his own restraunt burning down in Brazil which has caused his move to Ireland.

This is the type of hardworking person Ireland needs.

There is also a GoFundMe page set up to raise funds for the woman teacher who is now in a critical condition in hospital from stab wounds .

The parent of kids from the school who set up the page said, 'Having known this lady for many years and having 2 children attend this school, I can say this lady is nothing short of a superhero tonight and we will be forever grateful for her and wish her a speedy recovery from her injuries.

Unfortunately, due to her significant injuries she will now be out of work for the foreseeable future and we would love to be able to support her in her time of need like she did for the children so bravely. Any donation no matter how small would be greatly appreciated and will really help in more ways than you could imagine.'

Brazilian Deliveroo Drivers Safety in Dublin

An issue that nobody has raised is the safety of Deliveroo drivers during this recent tradgedy.

Many of them Brazilian, come under attack from the same thugs who the Irish media have been describing as 'ferral'. The very same ones who burned and looted the other night.

The very same group of delinquents that the Irish government tries to gaslight its citizens by minimising their danger and even at times - existence.

Talk about denial and minimisation and wreckless leadership? Ask any Dubliner about the governments position on these violent gangs and they will burst out laughing.

These hard working Brazilians like Caio Benicio should not be subject to attacks whilst going about their jobs by unemployed yobs and thugs who beat them up.

In some cases when a Brazilian Deliveroo driver delivers a food order with his moped he is walking into an ambush.

There are many cases of them been beaten up by gangs of cowardly bullying teenagers who are totally out of control and have no fear for the consequences of their actions. They have no fear, as there is currently no punishment and consequences for their actions. Earlier in the year Oberstown was full.

The gangs of inner city teens also attempt to steal their mopeds and other Brazilians not the Gardai have to come to their aid? Questions need to be asked about this in the Dail?

Brazilians like Filipinos come to Ireland every year through the immigration system. They come and pay to study in Irish businesses that teach English. They work at night to provide for themselves. They contribute, contribute, contribute and are nice people - sunny.

Boy do we need sun in Ireland.

These Brazilians do not come here and claim social welfare for themselves and eight children.

They work and send money home to their country of origin to raise their kids.

So the government needs to do more to help and protect them with the Gardai.

Urgent Need for Delinquent Boot Camp

There needs to be a 'zero tolerance' policy with these gangs and if you ask anyone in Dublin it is long, long overdue.

We urgently need a 'boot camp' run by military drill sergeants with a route to apprenticships to put these young adolescents into in order to reform them and send them down a path to positively contribute to society.

We need as a society to do this as we have failed them through lack of education, parenting, lack of opportunities, poverty and so on.

We need to reform them and if they are young we as a society can with boundaries, discipline, consequences and positive role models. Raise their empathy levels.

Xenophobia from these gangs and far-right groups is at an all time high and racism is at dangerous levels. People of colour feel unsafe and don't want to come out of their houses in Dublin and are saying so on social media.

The sad part is that the majority of Dubliners pose them no threat so its time to come down hard on those who would and restore order - for everybody.

I won't shop in Dublin and do not go to the inner city unless I absolutely have to.

Many feel the same.

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