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Marks & Spencer Support Honey Producers

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Well today I saw a Marks & Spencer advertisement getting all buzzy about bees & local honey.

Great news for when the last bee dies and there and no more left well we only have three years of food reserves for the entire planet. Bees do so much work in our environment. We need to do more for beekeepers in the UK & Ireland.

The company is now working with local producers of honey, the beekeepers, in the UK to supply them. This is fantastic news for the consumers but even better for the local producers.

For so many years Marks & Spencer have been known as the leaders in quality in the production of food. They were the ones who introduced this style of management into the UK food production industry and to consumers who tasted the difference.

Today it seems that they are on a mission to tap into local produce right across the UK and champion all their hard working local producers. Going local seems to be the legacy they not also want to add to quality. This makes perfect sense.

Giving focus to beekeeping is great news as the UK and Ireland produce nothing compared to the beekeepers in Spain for example and help to increase our stock of bees is also important.

This is welcome news as the consumer once again benefits with local honey rather than imports more than likely from China that contain fructose corn syrup and also antibiotics.

Here is some of the natural honey we got from our hives only a few weeks ago in rural Ireland.

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