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The Importance of Organic Food

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

There are currently 1,721 registered organic operators in Ireland with 52,390 hectares of land being used to produce organic foods.

Organic food is much higher in mineral content mainly as its growing in living soil and not dead soil which most conventional plants are grown in.

All disease according to Professor Linus Pauling who won the Nobel Prize can in some way be linked to mineral deficiency.

We need to be eating more organic food to avoid the nasty chemicals. When I wrote for many UK publications I found out that over 60% of people getting into organic production had no previous agricultural background but brought a lot of extra skills into the agricultural sector from design, to logistics and marketing and sales.

There is no award for organic wine but people are telling me that it is growing. My second book Nutriwine is all about the modern universe of wine and also I have done a chapter just on what organic wine is all about. In short no pesticides, far less sulphites and grapes from vine roots with 20 meters depth rather than the one metre of conventional wines. You can order the book here

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