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Five Minute Life Coach 2 - Managing Your Time

Time is of the essence and how you spend your time is as important as how you spend your money. By managing your time you manage your life.

managing your time
Five Minute Life Coach

There is no such thing as ‘free time’ --- all time has value.

Most people waste lots of time uselessly procrastinating or putting off what they have to do. The time and effort they spend delaying is ten times what it would take to just do the task and be free. Cost how much each hour is worth to you.

Time management is one of the keys to effective living. When you value your time you will spend it carefully.

Get a diary or weekly timetable to schedule your tasks - and keep looking at it!

Work out how much time you need for each task and how much time you have available to complete them. Schedule in your fixed commitments and set time aside for leisure and fun (this is important!). Then allocate the time you have left for the things you need to accomplish.

By managing your time you will also feel more in charge of events rather than at the mercy of whatever occurs. Concentrate on results and not just being busy.

Practicing this you will have better quality leisure time and a greater feeling of freedom and direction.

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