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Five Minute Life Coach 1 - Job Interviews

Any interview is an opportunity for you to demonstrate what you are made of.

Like everything else the more interviews you participate in the better you will get at presenting yourself. Most of the anxiety is due to the fear of the unknown.

Fear stands for - False Expectations Appearing Real.

You are unique. There is not a carbon copy of you anywhere in the world to be found. No one looks like you, thinks like you or has the same interests as you.

The reason any of us want to spend time with another person is because we like them.

Are you likeable and do you project this and your potential as much as you could do.

Be prepared, know information about the company, and practice answers for difficult questions.

Arrive 10-15 minutes beforehand. Make a good handshake at the introduction and maintain good eye contact throughout the interview. Support your answers with examples and accentuate the positive.

Questions to Ask in an Interview

Interviews are two way processes and there is as much at stake for the employer as there is for you. Good questions will impress the interviewer.

Deliver your unique selling points without over selling yourself.

Thank You Letter After Interview

Finally send a thank you letter and outline any information briefly that you want to add or forgot to mention that will help your case.

Common Interview Questions

Here is a video explaining the top 21 interview questions.

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