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EcoHomme Natural Shave & Skincare Kit

We are delighted to announce the first men's product in our new brand.

A great gift for the ecologically conscious man, and part of our NEW EcoHomme brand!

Contains the following handmade and organic products:

  1. Organic Pillow Mist - 100ml

  2. Botanical Shave and Cleansing Oil - 30ml

  3. Organic Face Moisturiser & Aftershave Balm 30ml

  4. Sustainably-sourced Bamboo Razor

Everything comes in recyclable kraft packaging.

ECOHOMME is the new brand from serial entrepreneur bestselling health Guru Ralph Quinlan Forde who has now launched one of its first products ECOHOMME MEN’s SHAVING KIT. Made in Ireland too.

Over 65% of consumers are now eco conscious.

EcoHomme aims to raise the awareness of plastic razors polluting by producing a fully recyclable one made of bamboo. Every man who shaves daily needs to replace their plastic razor or razor cartridge every two to three weeks on average. That’s a mountain of razors used and disposed of from right across a man's life. These then remain for centuries in landfill before they eventually break down, where they pollute the surrounding soil.

Another way to reduce your water use is by using ECOHOMME shaving oil instead of foam or gel.

ECOHOMME creates a shaving oil made of grapeseed, jojoba and rosemary oil which is free from the toxic carcinogens and endocrine disrupters found in some commercial shaving cream brands (studies have shown some brands contain parabens, triethanolamine and isobutane, which have been linked to certain diseases including breast, testicular, liver and bladder cancers).

Using two or three drops of oil instead of a palm-full of foam will also cut down on packaging. ECOHOMME claims that if just 1,000 Irish people switched from shaving foam to oil we could divert 500,000 non-recyclable aerosols from landfill over a lifetime.

The first batch of ECOHOMME Shaving Kit boxes sold out in two weeks and the new batch is just in but on a a first come first serve basis.

In 2018, 163 million people used disposable PLASTIC razors in the United States alone. ECOHOMME aims to divert these from landfill through the brand.

EcoHomme hopes to launch a fully recyclable razor onto the European market in 2022.

More products are now in the pipeline including a gift box for beard care.

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