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Pledge 1 Euro now and make the 2023 second edition of The Book of Tibetan Medicine a reality. The first edition is now published in 11 languages.


We will contact you with information about the opening date of the crowdfuner when it happens in September 2023 via the Indiegogo platform, so you can be first in the line to order your copy well in time for as a gift/s for Christmas 2023.


“A masterpiece!”                                                                                     

- Cadecus Magazine

“This is possibly the best book I have read for a long, long time.” 

- Professor Jan de Vries

"This is a most excellent book, extremely informative on an important and esoteric field of knowledge."                               

- Lady Neidpath, The Beckley Foundation


Deposit 1 Euro - The Book of Tibetan Medicine Crowdfunder

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