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Art Source Dublin RDS November 2023

Art Source is coming to Dublin in November 2023 and over 15,000 art loving people are expected to attend. Kids enter free.

Why not take yourself on an artists date and support local artists.

Art is one essential way a Pagan friend recently told me to return to the feeling of enchantment we lose with all the issues in the world.

Featuring an incredible selection of affordable art, as well as exciting pieces from the biggest names in the art world, this is an unmissable event for art lovers.

Art Source Dublin
Art Source Dublin

100 Works of Art for €100

The event organisers have asked each of the artists at Art Source 2023 to create one original piece of artwork which will sell at Art Source for just €100.

This is a unique opportunity for visitors to Art Source to acquire a specially commissioned piece of art from some of Ireland’s best known and most talented artists for an extremely affordable price.

As each participating artist will only have one piece available for €100 there is a limited number of these artworks available, and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

So, make sure to come early to Art Source and see if you can snap one up!

Here are some examples of what you will see at Art Source Dublin.

This is a unique opportunity to art lovers. What you buy here could end up being worth thousands depending on the career of the artist so well worth 100 Euros.

In finance speak all these offering are actually - intangible assets. Great value.

The Lahinch Art Gallery

There will be a number of leading Irish Art galleries in attendance at Art Source Dublin offering and showing a number of Irish artists.

One gallerist with a passion for art and a keen eye for quality art is Rosie Kenny of Lahinch Art Gallery.

When asked why she became an art gallerist Rosie said,' There are many reasons why people choose to buy contemporary Irish art, but here are a few of the most important. Art is beautiful. It can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space, and it can simply be a joy to look at. Art can also be a source of comfort and inspiration, and it can help us to connect with our emotions. Art is good for your mental health. Studies have shown that viewing art can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.'

Lahinch Art gallery specializes in Irish Art by Irish artists. Extensive eclectic and vibrant collection of Irish and International artists, who are drawn to work in this region of outstanding natural beauty.

The gallery has grown organically and now showcases over 40 nationwide artists.

This is the first time that The Lahinch Art Gallery will be showing art at Art Source Dublin. Make sure you go and check out their offerings from their stable of very fine and some renowned artists who paint for royalty.

After the show check out the gallery at Lahinch and see the paintings on sale there. The Lahinch Art gallery has got quite some floor space which allows them to display a number of different artworks and with the perfect lighting too.

Rosie Kenny from The Lahinch Art Gallery
Rosie Kenny from The Lahinch Art Gallery

The art world in Ireland is important and no other Prime Minister has done more before or after his period in office than Charles Haughey for the Irish arts. He was quite a visionary leader when it came to Irish arts - all Irish arts.

New York Art Buyers

One thing that the reporters also need to consider and encourage is Irish artwork and its value in the international market. There is a booming speculative market in New York with professional art consultants advising high net worth individuals on which art and therefore which artist needs to be invested in. New York is only five hours away from Dublin and it is hoped that if the organisers have not flown these ' consultants' in this year they might do so next year.

These buyers could be a welcome boost to the Irish art market.

Art Source Dublin Kids Entry FREE

If you are at a loss of what to do with the kids - whose entry is free for under 16 year olds - then why not take them along to do many of the art workshops which are free over the weekend.

Art Source Dublin would like to invite children and young people to enjoy Art Source Dublin by getting in touch with their own creativity.

All around them are fantastic works of art which are created using a myriad of techniques, materials, ideas, themes and materials.

So, bring your little ones along and they will be able to enjoy a truly creative and informal, supervised pop-up art studio. Using a range of materials, they will be able to make their own creations inspired by Art Source which they can take home and display!

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